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"My cuisine as a gift, just like one would give flowers? I like the idea, I am with you…"

And with these words, Alain Passard became an ideal gourmet partner.

"It's a journey, a dive into the unreal, the unexpected, a tailor-made discovery"… That is what guests are overheard saying upon leaving the elegant and sober setting of L'Arpège.

L'Arpège is an inventive menu, lots of vegetables picked exclusively in Passard's very own vegetable garden, farm poultry, shellfish from Brittany and above all wild fish.

Then Alain Passard plays his act of kitchen magician, composer of a unique symphony, written and adapted for each guest.

So let yourself be guided by his inspiration, discover unsuspected flavours thanks to the ideal gourmet inspiration and discovery menu…

Enjoy an artist's carte blanche, trust him, and the sommelier will add his final touch to make your experience unique.



"Alain Passard's inspiration…
It is all there, let him be your guide!"*

Drinks and appetizers
Bigottière egg

Starters and Main courses, some classics…
Langoustine from Loctudy
Duck foie gras from Auge, lemon-filled dates
Ormer from Brittany
Sautéd soles, butter mousse
Pigeon from Sainte-Anne d'Auray, mead sauce
Lobster from the Chausey islands, aiguillettes in yellow wine

A look at the vegetable collection…
Oignon doux gratin, parmigiano reggiano, Sarawak black pepper
Beetroot with Guérande grey salt, aceto balsamico 25 years of age
Mixed vegetables with herbs, a thousand flavours
Sautéd endive with nuts, bacon from Baden
Jacket potatoes, smoked in oat straw

Choice of cheeses

Some ideas for dessert…
Bitter chocolate soufflé, mint liquor ice cream
The Arpège mille feuille, coulours of the season
Mocha-melissa ile flottante, caramel
Stuffed candied tomato, twelve flavours, vanilla sugar

Wine by the glass, on sommelier's advice
(equivalent to 1/2 bottle per person)

Mineral water

Adult Fare: € 260
Child Fare: € 260

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