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Le Grand Véfour
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For the Place or for the Artist ?
The place, a temple to 18 th century decorative art, belongs to those that make history. It is one of those places where you feed both body and soul.
A mythical place, a sort of museum where you would feel at home: writers such as Hugo, Sartre, Malraux, Colette were regulars… Kings, Queens, major politicians have made the former “Café de Chartres”, the ultimate Reference.
The artist is Guy Martin, a talented Chef who will surprise you with elaborate, innovative and daring cuisine. He acquires his skill by listening to his customers, by endeavouring to get better every day, and in ten years it has led him to his third Michelin star.
You will have understood that one of the happy few to enjoy the best tables at the Véfour will most certainly appreciate the Artist's composition and will bring home the memory of a unique moment… Is it to honour these words that Guy Martin has left the whole Grand Véfour menu open to ideal gourmet guests ? Most certainly !


Taittinger champagne white or rosé
and its appetizers

Foie gras ravioli, truffle cream
Lobster from Brittany, sesame and salty lemon juice
Oscietre caviar, buckwheat blinis
Sauté frog legs, sage sauce, garlic bread and marrow on bed of tomatoes
Langoustines, mango and chanterelle in vinegar, coriander oil

Main courses
Turbot meunière, Pigeon Prince Rainier III shrimp purée
Lobster from Brittany, bergamot-mint emulsion
Oxtail and truffles
Oven baked red mullet, served whole , artichokes and broad beans in vinegar with orange tree and savory honey
Lamb in peanut and vanilla crust, ribs and smoked sauce
Dory filet in thin crust of vegetables, asparagus salad with Argan oil
Roasted monkfish, zucchini, almond cream, shellfish juice
Crossbreed duck, radish, chorizo and fennel juice
Roasted double veal chops, sweet potato doughnut, wasabi juice

Choice of farm cheeses, from France and from Savoie

Artichoke pie and candied vegetables, bitter almond sorbet
Strawberries, tomatoes and herbs in a mille feuille, raspberry sorbet with olives
Mango sorbet with rice pudding, tea biscuit
Milk chocolate and nut biscuit, caramel ice cream

Choice of wine by the glass, at sommelier's advice, (equivalent to 1/2 bottle per person)

Mineral water
Coffee, sweets, Savoie gateau

Adult Fare: € 390
Child Fare: € 390

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