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Isn't everyone sometimes tempted to just let go and be guided towards an encounter, a dinner, bound to become an exceptional, unforgettable memory? Armen Petrossian, famous for his caviar and his salmon has managed to successfully add a restaurant dimension to his already famous shop on Boulevard de la Tour Maubourg. The success is partly owed to Sébastien Faré who has really found his place as a chef in the restaurant right above the shop.

He is a wonderful director for the ballet of the ideal gourmet menu, very rightly called “roads to temptation”. It is a continuous discovery of different well-proportioned notes, admirably combined, finally leading you to the surprise announced at the beginning! Dare to go down the roads to temptation with ideal gourmet, you will not be disappointed.


(temptation, tasting, transparency)

Petrossian cocktail

The Petrossian moment*
three gourmet bouchées

Salty emotions**
three compositions

four flavour explosions

Wine in harmony (1/2 bottle per person)

Mineral water (1/2 bottle per person)

Dreams, colours and scents

Some secrets, depending on the season, among others :

Sautéd foie gras, truffle slices
Petrossian egg, Sevruga caviar
Roasted pigeon, cereal galette and Kacha
Bass filet, oscietre caviar
Sturgeon, Sevruga caviar
Blinchick Mandarine
Prune Baîcal…

Adult Fare: € 110
Child Fare: € 110

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