Hotel de Crillon


In 1775, the city of Paris granted number 10, Place Louis XV (to be renamed Place de la Concorde in 1792) to the architectec Louis François Trouard, who decided to build on the site with the advice of the Duke d'Aumont, a patron of the arts.
Thanks to his refined taste, the hotel became a display of delicate sculpture and extraordinary covered wood panels, the superb ceiling of the Salon des Aigles being the centerpiece.

The mansion was acquired in 1788 by the Count of Crillon François-Félix-Dorothee Berton des Balbes and his spouse, Marie-Charlotte de Corbon. Descendent of the "brave Crillon", comrade-in-arms of King Henry IV, and himself a brilliant soldier, he thus acquired the building and bestowed his name upon it. Seized during the French Revolution, the palace was returned to its legitimate owners - the Crillon family - who kept it until 1907.

In 1907, the Société des Grands Magasins et des Hotels du Louvre took possession of the Crillon Mansion as well as the two buildings adjacent to it on Rue Boissy-d'Anglas, in order to create the largest and most luxurious palace in Paris. The architect Destailleurs was asked to undertake the transformation of the structures with a view toward this intended purpose, all the while maintaining the landmark's richness of decoration inherited from its previous owners.

Destailleurs succeeded himself admirably in this delicate mission, giving the new hotel a level of comfort and luxury deserving of its worldwide reputation.
Construction work was completed at the beginning of 1909. The Hotel de Crillon hosted its first gala dinner in its salons onMarch 11th, and the following day opened the doors to the first travelers.

The palace has become the choice residence of famous world leaders, whether political or artistic. The Hotel de Crillon thusly occupies a privileged place in contemporary history.

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